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Spider Veins

Skin flares, spider veins or thread veins are varicose veins confined to the skin, usually in the leg. They are particularly obvious around the ankle but may also be seen around the thighs and the knee joints.

What are Spider Veins?

Superficial veins in the leg confined to the surface of the skin can become dilated leading to cosmetically obvious blue, red or purple spider veins. In 75% of patients these are associated with underlying varicose veins, however in 25% of cases they are an isolated problem. This is an important point for treatment as they can often be managed by injection or laser treatment as opposed to any surgery. In most cases they are harmless and treatment is cosmetic.

They occur more commonly in women than men. Often there is a family history. Many are related to pregnancy and pregnancy certainly can cause them to worsen.

Spider Veins | Vein Clinics of Ireland

Spider Veins Symptoms

Spider veins do not usually cause symptoms. The medical term for them is “telangiectasia”, however they are popularly called spider veins because of their sprawling branched appearance. In general they are very small in diameter. In addition to the legs they can appear anywhere on the body especially the face.

Although they do not usually cause pain, they can sometimes be aching, be associated with restless leg syndrome or be burning. They are not on their own a risk to the patient’s health, but they may be a marker of more serious varicose vein disease. Consequently, patients with spider veins should be assessed for underlying varicose veins before they are treated

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If you have Spider Veins Vein Clinics of Ireland are here to help!

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Vein Clinics of Ireland and Spider Veins

Treating Spider Veins?

The question we get asked most often in the Vein Clinics of Ireland is how do you treat Thread Veins or Spider Veins successfully. At the back of this is the fact that a lot of patients have not had good experiences getting their thread veins or spider veins done in the past.

And also people tend to be very concerned about them.

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